MONTOLIT Style Tool Case

    Brand : Montolit

    Model : Case

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    Manufactured : Made In PRC

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    Tool Case For Blades, Holesaws and Accessories   

    Keep your gear in one safe place and its always ready to go when needed

     Please Note The Case Comes Empty All Accessories Are Sold Separately

    This case has been specially designed to hold blades, 8 holesaws , 2 diamond hand pads, 2 FPU milling bits, Tile snips

    Case Holds:

    Approx 3 - 4/ 115mm diamond Blades    3 - 4/ 125mm Diamond Blades and 2x STL Flush Cut blades

    2 x FPU Milling Bits 

    2x Diamond Hand Pads

    1x Tile snips

    1x 25mm Holesaw               

    1x 30mm Holesaw

    1x 35mm Holesaw

    1x 40mm Holesaw

    1x 45mm Holesaw

    1x 50mm Holesaw

    1x 60mm  Holesaw

    1x 75mm Holesaw

















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