MONTOLIT Diamond Blade CGX “Freccia Oro” For Gres Porcelain

    Brand : Montolit

    Model : CGX

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    Manufactured : Made In Italy

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    CGX Diamond Blade: A diamond blade that represents the evolution of the best-selling art. CGX. 20 years after Montolit manufactured its first diamond blade, this is the company’s new flagship blade: a super-professional patented diamond blade for dry cut of Grès Porcelain with an angle grinder. A unique item that best represents Montolit’s philosophy, which with its 70-year history is constantly committed to developing cutting edge, innovative products.   

    Utilization: Dry and wet use
    Height Band Diamond: 10 mm
    Material: Porcelain stoneware, hard ceramic
    Application: Laying tiles

    Speed: Very high
    Finish: Very high
    Life Span: Very high
    Use: Angle/flexible grinder

    Renewable blades with abrasive stone art395B.


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