MONTOLIT FPS Countersink Bit

    Brand : Montolit

    Model : FPS

    Price : $187 - $375

    FPS Size

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    Manufactured : Made In Italy

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    Diamond bit for a smooth, high-end finish. 

    Very useful to reduce the risk of cracking with standard and large format tiles subjected to tension (ex tightened plumbing, led lights etc)
    Very useful to improve the finishing edge of exposed holes

    Ideal for having clean edges with lighting or when a hole is exposed and needs to be perfectly clean.

    FPS35mm (for holes from 5 mm (3/16") to 35mm (1 - 3/8")

    FPS75mm (for holes from 35 mm (1 - 3/8") to 75 mm (3")

    Fits on all Grinders M14 Thread 

    Adaptor For Drill Also Available AUFS


    NOTE!  This is not a core bit for drilling. It doesn’t make holes but it bevels the hole cleaning and reinforcing the borders when the borders are chipped or need to be clean.




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