SORMA Fastline Hybrid Disc

    Brand : Sorma

    Model : Hybrid

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    Manufactured : Made In Italy

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    Sorma Fastline Hybrid Wet and Dry Disc

    This Disc can be used on all types of Stone , Porcelain and Engineered stone.

    Aggressive Diamond Flap Disc can be used for bevelling, shaping , grinding and polishing edges of many types of stone and engineered stone

    Always test on material beforehand to achieve best results


    Perfect For Mitres Leaving A Perfect Finish

    High Stock removal 

    Super Fast wet or dry 

    Very Long Life ( Used Correctly )

    Smooth Finish Without Chipping

    Can be used as a normal disc or with M14 Thread flange ( Flange Optional )

    Max RPM  10.500 RPM

    115mm Disc Fits All Grinders 

    M14 Flange (Optional)

    Grit: 60, 120, 200

    Premium Quality





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